Day 3: Manuscript Style

So yesterday was Day 2 of writing. I wrote 6 pages which brings the total up to 9 pages. I found that keeping the story moving is a ltitle harder than writing the first 3 pages. I have some key points in the story that I want to get writing, but I am forcing myself to work my way there, rather than skipping ahead to the fun part just to come back have have to “fill in” the rest.

I am building up to those moments (at least I think I am). So far the first pages aren’t as exciting as I wanted them to be. BUT I will no re-read them or re-write them yet. For the moment they but do. I need to keep pushing forward.

Novel Tip of the Day:

I call it ¨Novel “Tip of the Day” because I like the way it sounds, I hope it is “novel” (meaning new to you) and it will be related to writing a novel.

My tip for today is to save your draft! I am constantly hitting “Ctrl + S” instead of taking my hands off the keyboard to use the mouse to click on the save button. It keeps the momentum going. Also, I have been emailing the draft to myself at the end of each day. This way if (1) my computer crashes or (2) I loose my USB, I will have a copy and loose nothing.

Research shows:

I also did some research yesterday about what a manuscript should look like. I will summarize the main points I found:

1) In the top left-hand corner of the page you should have: your first and last name, mailing address and email.

2) “A ways down” the page (about 1/4 to 1/2) should be the title (not bolded, not underlined, not italicised, but CAPS if you want).

3) Under the title you can put your real name or your pseudonym (and I plan to create one someday).

4) Recommended font is 12-point (but 11 and 13 is ok), should be Times New Roman or Courier.

5) There should be one-inch margins (which I always make sure there are in every document I write or edit), double-spaced, and here is the key: to really make it look like a manuscript you must not have an extra line between paragraphs but instead you sould indent one inch.

So thats was yesterday. We will see what I get up to today. If anyone has more tips, please share.

Happy writing!


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