10 pages per week

I recently re-read a book by one of my favorite authors Meave Binchy. The book is called “Writers’ Club” and in this book she advises that you write 10 pages per week.

Well after Day 4, I have accomplished this goal. I am up to just over 12 pages and I think that will suffice for my first draft of Chapter 1. I’m not sure what the average number of pages is for a book. But I read in many places that its not a good idea to focus on the length and reaching a certain page number or word limit. For now I will focus on getting the story out.

I will aim for 10 pages per week because it seems like a good target and its doable.

Novel Tip of the Day:

When writing anything for the first time, its easier if you don’t stop to find the best word, to make sure every word is spelt correctly or that the punctuation is done properly. You can do this later when you have all the text. Let your thoughts flow constantly and hopefully you’re fingers can keep up. After your done, then you can go back and fix it up.

I don’t think I will re-read what I’ve written until I’ve gotten a ways in or maybe even until I’m done.

Research shows:

It might be a good idea to keep your notes on cue cards and to have your notes available while you write. I also read that its a good idea for novice novel writers to have an outline for thier book.

I have already written some notes and I have a chapter-by-chapter outline. I’m now considering printing these notes and organizing them on colored cue cards, which is a great excuse to visit the stationary store to buy some supplies.

How do you stay organized and on task? Do you have cue cards? Do you write a certain number of pages per week or per day?



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2 responses to “10 pages per week

  1. Ellie

    Post it notes are a fab way for plotting for me, you can read a post about it on my blog, but as a whole, I don’t bother with anything.

    At times when I have used cue cards etc, it has tied me up in knots and my story hasn’t been created as easily. I like to just let things develop.

    My one rule though is to dedicate one full day a week to writing. It used to be two but I haven’t been able to maintain that of late. One day though it will pick back up to two days, and hopefully eventually a full week.

    By the way, I think it is roughly 80,000 words for a novel – though this changes depending on genre.

    Glad you have had a positive start. Long may it continue.

    • Thanks for dropping by. I have heard/read about many writers who can just keep writing because the story comes to them. You must be one of the lucky ones. I will have to keep up with the writing like you say. Its a good idea to dedicate some time otherwise you might find that you’ve gone a few weeks without writing.

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