Can writers take a day off?

So its Friday. That alone is a good excuse for not writing. Or is it? I’m not excusing myself from writing more of my novel today because its Friday. Instead I will use my 10-page quota excuse. If I set goals and reach them, then I think it can be considered good progress right? I also haven’t taken a day off writing completely because I’ve blogged.

I think that its ok for a writer to take a day off from writing their novel. It makes me feel less guilty and I also hope that it will allow my brain a chance to come up with some more ideas on how to proceed to Chapter 2. The hard part is that I used Chapter 1 as the “background” to the story. For Chapter 2, I’m thinking of fast forwarding a few weeks in time time. I have to think about how I can do this and still give the reader enough information so that the gap in time is somehow covered.

Novel Tip of the Day:

In my books, its ok to take a day off writing your novel. But its better if you can write something else (like a blog, or part of a short story, or even an extended email to a friend) and not to take a complete break from writing.

Research shows:

That by writing everyday, you get “practiced” at it. I didn’t actually research this particular tip, but I learned it from the writing courses I took in university and I think its true. So even if you take a day off your novel, write something else just to keep the flow going.

Do you think its ok to take a day off? Have you taken a day off that turned into a few days…or weeks?


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