A day of “research”

So it’s the weekend and it was actually sunny in the grey city that I live in. I took advantage of course I spent the majority of the day sauntering around and getting some vitamin D.

I would like to say that this counted towards my research; research in the looser term. I didn’t surf any websites, well actually that’s not true. I looked up a website with last names. I could have probably done this in a phone book, but I don’t have one on hand. So why did I look up last names? It was in an effort to find a pseudonym. This probably shouldn’t be a priority at the moment. It definitely shouldn’t be a priority, but it’s a fun distraction which I like to think is helping me find my “author identity”.

I made a long list of the last names. I will let them sit for a while. Maybe until after Chapter 2 is done. Then I will allow myself to glance over them to eliminate a few (the list is pretty long).

While walking around outside, I also thought of another idea for a possible scene. The scene hasn’t come to me in full yet, but I will add it to my notes and maybe it will pop in somewhere.

Progress so far:

  • Started Chapter 2
  • 17 pages written

© Jeffrey Van Daele

Today, I wrote a little, but I think there is too much description. I have tried to explain the background information, which is important to the story. But it’s becoming a bit boring even for me to write. So that means that the reader will most definitely find it boring. I will have to re-write this section when the time comes. I’m considered going back over it now to see if I can think of another way to deliver the information in a more interesting way.

Should I re-read Chapter 2 (its only about 4 pages) and try to re-write it or should I keep writing something I know isn’t the best?


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