Dialogue vs. Narrative debate

So after writing yesterday’s post, I did some research last night. I hoped that I would find some inspiration, maybe some advice and maybe I would feel better about Chapter 2.

Searching the online word, I cam across a blog on the topic of dialogue vs. narrative, which made sense to me. What I took from it, is that you can use dialogue to expose the personalities of the characters and to show the action. You can use narrative to fill in all the information that the characters “can’t” or “shouldn’t” talk about.

Today, I re-read what I wrote and added a bit more narrative and inserted three different dialogues. I hope that I have a good balance now. I think I have covered most of the background that was needed to get into the story now.

I’m not sure I’m very happy with it, but I will see how I feel after I’ve written more.

Progress so far:

  • 20 pages
  • balanced out the narrative and dialogue in Chapter 2

I have met my 10-page quota for this week, which I feel is good progress even though I don’t feel I’m being as disciplined as I could. I’m not writing a certain number of hours or pages per day which I’ve heard many people recommend. But I will keep working away at chapter 2.

And so it continues…


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