Chick Lit

Whenever I heard the word Chick Lit, I think of the type of gum “chiclets” which I most often received in my Halloween candy when I was a kid. It remember that it wasn’t good gum.

Chick Lit (meaning women’s literature) is know recognized to mean a genre where the story is based on the woman or women in the story and it doesn’t necessarily revolve around a romance, which I find is often present in these books anyway.

I am most entertained by “Chick Lit” novels. They tend to be face-paced, glamourous and humorous. It is escapist, but that what I like in a book sometimes. You get involved in the character’s life and it is entertaining. Often times you as the reader can relate to the character is some way or at least recognize familiarities from your friends’ or family’s lives.

The genre I think my novel would fit in nicely to would be literature that is for women. I don’t think a man would find the humor I use very funny, nor would he want to follow around a female character and get an inside look at the challenges she faces. I hope that entering in this category won’t give my writing a certain stamp which is sometimes associated with this genre, but also I would be more than happy to fit in with the likes of Marian Keyes, Cecelia Ahern and Sofie Kinsella.

So I did more research than writing today and I found a website on “Chick Lit” which I found useful, even though some of the links are broken, they spelled Cecelia Ahern’s name wrong and the website is……purple and pink. Classic. But it has a list and a short biography of some of today’s most popular Chick Lit writers and there is also a page with some writing tips.

I will try to keep a links page, so that the useful websites get remembered, visited and re-visited. Please feel free to send me websites that you have found useful or interesting.


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