Jumping through Chapter 2

So I went back and re-read Chapter 2. I had an very scarce outline for Chapter 2. What I did know was that I had to cover a time gap of 3-4 weeks. What I didn’t know was how to do this smoothly. So what ended up happening was that I kept jumping back and forth between time and between characters. I didn’t know what to write because there was so much to write. I went back through what I had already written and I started writing in more scenes and narrative in the middle of two chunks of plot. I created some hurtles for myself throughout the chapter.

© Allegretto | Dreamstime.com_web

I have tried to organize the events in some way, but its still not perfect. Although, I did write some more dialogue which I’m happy about. For some reason I feel like the dialogue is what I’m always leading up to or waiting for it to “come to me.” Chapter 2 has been improved a bit, but it will definitely need more work in the future when I come back to it later. Now that I have filled in some gaps, I ‘m trying to move forward from the bottom rather than filling in bits from the middle of the chapter. But I keep finding myself jumping back somewhere to try to find somewhere to take off from at the bottom.

Its days like this where I feel like there is a whole novel to be written. Other days, I just can’t get anything useful down. So I am glad that I can take a day off and come back stronger. Its a good thing I would say.

Progress so far:

  • 24 pages in
  • Chapter 2 is taking form

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