Chapter 3 has a beginning

Looking over chapter 2 again as I couldn’t find a place to take off from, I was able to take out two scenes and use them as the beginning of chapter 3.

I hope that now chapter 2 is a bit more organized, I can keep writing more smoothly for the rest. There shouldn’t be too many “hurdles” as I’ve called them, because I don’t plan on having any more issues with time gaps.

I have even jotted down a few points that I want to cover in chapter 3. Actually the outline of my book is really only a few notes of things I want to happen in that chapter. Filling in the rest and finding a way to connect everything is the hard part.

Progress so far:

  • 26 pages
  • Chapter 3 is in the making

Novel Tip of the Day:

If you’re stuck and you really don’t know how to continue, it might be worth re-reading a few pages of what you’ve written. Then you might have an “ah ha” moment and you will continue. Or you might have to pause and ask yourself some questions about the characters and what would happen next. I was reluctant to re-read chapter 2, but in the end I was forced to do it and re-organize a bit because there were too many things going on.


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