Creative Environment

This Sunday I treated myself to a delicious latte in a beautiful café. Living in Europe (at the moment), I get to enjoy the unique little cafés and restaurants that are not so common in Canada. This particular place I went to is English. I point this out because Brussels is a city of mostly French and Flemish-speaking people and there are many internationals too.

Not only did they speak English right of the bat but the menu is in English and they have the whole “Starbucks glass case” of goodies going on too. So I ordered a regular latte (not getting the large since it was coffee #2 of the day) and I put in some sugar and some little toppings (this time it was a sprinkle of speculos, which is an amazing cinnamon flavoured Belgian cookie).

I went to the back of the café where they pretty much have a living room set up. There are lots of comfy chairs to sit in with coffee tables in front of them. There are enough chairs so that the customers don’t have to hunt for one or to stand waiting for someone to leave. I nestled myself in a comfy brown chair in the corner and sipped my coffee. I picked up a magazine they had available for customers. They even had a whole wooden rack of magazines on the wall for people to look at.

The guy next to me was reading a newspaper, in English, and had it a wooden clap on it so it kept altogether all the pages and made it easier to flip the pages. Other people were eating some delicious looking sandwiches on a bagel with a side salad. I plan to go there for lunch next weekend. It looked too good to pass up. I might even top it off with a gigantic cookie.

It would be nice to go in summer because they have a little backyard patio with little wooden tables with matching little wooden chairs. There were little green bushes next to the cobblestoned ground.

So that was the environment. I can see why some writers go to cafés to work. It’s a little cliché, but it really is a great atmosphere. Sometimes hearing the quite chatter and the chinking of spoons in coffee mugs is what you need to get in the zone. It’s relaxing and stimulating at the same time. As a bonus, you get a delicious frothy coffee made for you instead of having to drink just a regular coffee and make it yourself at home and then returning to your work desk in your comfy clothes. Putting on an “artsy” outfit and sitting in a lively café gives me a good feeling. I even thought of another possible book idea. The idea isn’t fully-formed because there is no “conflict,” but maybe after novel one is complete, I think of a conflict by then.

So some day soon, I will take my computer to a café just to see what kind of writing I produce.

What is you’re creative environment like? Is it an office in your house? The kitchen table? A certain café?


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