Milestone #1: 50 pages written

I did it! I wrote 50 pages. I’m now on chapter 6. The progress is moving forward. Not as fast as it could be going but, writing quickly isn’t the point. At the beginning of chapter 6, I found that I also want to jump a few weeks in time. For the moment I have noted 2 weeks of time, but I might increase it because 2 weeks seems to short to justify jumping over it.

One thing I will really have to work on when going over draft 1 will be the timeline. I want the book to take place over one full year, but I can’t possibly write every day of the protagonists’ life. So I have to figure out a systematic way to play with time.

Have you written a story or a novel that required an “unwritten” time lapse? If yes, how did you do it? It you write “two weeks later”? Any suggestions are very welcome.


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  1. Ellie

    I was always advised to write a novel over the space of a couple of weeks, which I have always found quite constricting. However, like you, I have wanted to do a year, in which case I was told to make it very clear the time lapse, so yes, two weeks later, or depicting the chapter by the date works very well.

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