One Month Down

Today is March 31 and I have completed the first month out of the 12 I’ve allowed myself to finish the first draft of my novel.

© Benis Arapovic |

Progress so far:

  • 61 pages
  • working on chapter 7

Research shows:

  • writing a book is work
  • I have lots to learn as I go

Novel writing tip of the month:

  • Break the rules!!!

I have read so many blogs and articles by other writers and published authors. Everyone has their own advice on how to write a novel. I chose to stick with Maeve Binchy’s advice of writing 10 pages per week. For me this goal is doable and its rewarding because its achievable.

I can’t commit to designating a certain time of day to write and writing for 1-3 hours during that time of day. I’ve found that trying to write every night after dinner, having worked an eight hour day, is just not feasible nor enjoyable. On evenings where I was too exhausted, unmotivated or had a bad day, I skipped it. But I didn’t skip entirely! I would read about other writer’s experiences or their tips, I read part of a novel from a published author, or I wrote a blog entry. I found that by doing this, when I wrote next time, I wrote something that was ok. I didn’t force myself to just write something that would need to be re-written later anyways.

This month has been interesting so far. I’ve learned a lot about how to go about writing the damn thing (ex. characters, plot, dealing with gaps in time, organizing my ideas, etc.) and I’ve learned what works for me.

I can’t say if I’ve written 10 pages every 7 days this month (I could probably see if I went back through my author’s log- blog posts), but I do know that I’ve written 61 pages when my goal was 40 pages for this month.

So hopefully I can keep the momentum going in April.


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