Honing my author’s voice

So I’m up to about 72 pages and I’ve been thinking about what I’ve written so far. I keep reminding myself not to worry about how “bad” the writing could be at the moment. Its a first draft, its supposed to be bad. What I can’t help thinking about now is that I know my non-fiction voice is much stronger than my fiction voice. why?

© Artaniss8 | Dreamstime.com

© Artaniss8 | Dreamstime.com

Why am I able to write humorous non-fiction that I’m proud of after I finish writing it, but when I write fiction I feel like I loose 5-10 years of age and write like I’m a 15 year old? Based on my plot and the female protagonist, I think my novel in progress would fit best in women’s literature/chick lit (whatever you want to call it), but my author’s voice is screaming young adult fiction.

How can I hone in on my non-fiction voice and twist it so that it will fit with my author’s voice? Non-fiction is easier to write because I can just write whatever I’m thinking and usually there is a specific topic that sparks my creativity. When writing fiction, my voice becomes more juvenile and boring like a “story-teller” around a campfire with an audience of a dozen 10-year old kids.

Why does my spark disappear when writing fiction? I think maybe its because I’m trying to think from the perspective of the protagonist and because the protagonist isn’t me I can’t say what I want to say. I’ve been using one of the secondary characters as a medium for my snappy remarks. I read that the best-friend (secondary character) in a novel is sometimes more interesting that the protagonist, but the protagonist can’t be all wit and humor otherwise there would be no conflict.

I need to figure out how to make more use of my “non-fiction voice” (rather than just through the secondary characters) because its more entertaining than my author’s voice.

How did you find your author’s voice? In what ways did you start using it?

A little help here. Anyone?


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  1. Hello. I also have an easy time writing very funny non-stories but like you, I also have a difficult writing fiction in novel form. My solution to the problem is to write fiction in a more creative story-telling fashion. When I write fiction in novel form, I feel like I am rambling sentence after boring sentence of reporting the event. It frustrates me so I turn it into a much more enjoyable experience, where I can laugh at my work while I adapt it to a good fiction read. Happy Saturday to you. 🙂

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