Writing Hiatus

So I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve……stopped writing my novel. I hate to admit it, but what happened is that I started reading too much. I started doing so much research that I realized that my story has no set-in-stone conflict and no definite antagonist. As I believe the conflict is “Man vs. Society” and the only antagonist that can fit the bill is an under-developed character who I don’t really want to play that major role.

After I realized this, I felt like giving up. BUT, but, but, I’ve decided that what I did was that I went on a writing hiatus. I didn’t quit and I don’t plan to. What I did do is start contemplating Kristen Lamb’s advice. If you don’t know who Kristen Lamb is, check out her blog here. It is sooooo worth it. Based on her blogs (usually the wednesday ones “WANA Wednesday”, I realized that I should really only have one blog (not two). So I’ve decided to stick to my first blog: “Uni-Verse-City“.  On the Uni-Verse-City blog my real voice shines and I have lots of topics to write about. My poor Author’s log was a tad dry due to the subject matter and so this is my plan:

1) Focus on developing my Uni-Verse-City blog. (Progress so far: updated sidebar with more widgets which has enhanced the page quite a bit, and I’ve brainstormed about 5-10 topics waiting to be written).

2) One Uni-Verse-City is stable (Goal: 1-3 posts per week)

3) Resume writing my novel one I can figure out where to go with it…..or maybe I will just keep going and revise later and then I plan to post weekly on Uni-Verse-City on my progress, the struggles I’ve encountered and things I learned from research.

On another note, I planning to apply for some Masters degrees in writing. Its been really hard to choose which programs I should apply for so if you know of any distance programs that you can recommend, PLEASE leave a comment.

Thanks for reading An Author’s Log and I hope to see you at Uni-Verse-City.


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