For now you can call me Nicole. I am a Canadian writer, a freelance editor and I have a full-time job in publishing (in proofing and production coordination). I will write on this blog in an attempt to keep myself going; to keep writing a book from start to finish.

I am looking for a pseudonym to write under. My real last name is long, too hard for most people to pronounce and also not that “catchy”. So hopefully within the next year (my deadline for completion being March 1, 2012) I will find a pseudonym.

I hope that anyone who reads this will leave a comment with their writing tips, success stories or just any comment related to what you find here. I’m looking forward to keeping this log and hearing from you.

If you have any writing tips, are interested in my editing services, or you just want to talk about writing, you can email me at anauthorslog@gmail.com.

If you’re looking for more content written by me on topics related to my novel in progress, you can check out my other blog at www.universecityblog.wordpress.com.

Twitter: www.twitter/#!/anauthorslog


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